about us

A short walk in the historic downtown of Portsmouth NH, our one of a kind Showroom is situated on the corner of Congress and Fleet street at 55 Congress St.

In a historic costal city like Portsmouth with divers, local residents, and thousands of tourists from all over the world, it is natural to yearn for personalized experience while selecting your jeweler, jewelry and or timepiece.

With twenty-five years in the jewelry, diamond and watch industry, Eddie Ahmed, a trusted entrepreneur, jeweler and watch aficionado has served the seacoast since 1994. Eddie is known for bringing the high-end boutique and personalized experience to the main street customers in the seacoast.

Eddie has built a reputation by making timeless, reputable fine jewelry at an attractive price, as well as delivering unforgettable personalized experiences. Our founder is grateful for the friendships and business alliances he has forged within the industry that have proven timeless!

Eddie’s unique process requires a meeting, whether it is in person or virtually, in order to spend some time getting to know the basic elements of each client’s story. After making an introduction to the jewelry, diamond and watch processes, he initiates building a relationship based on a mutual understanding of the business. Following this process, ideas are shared, conceptual designs are conceived, and sculpting a one of kind piece of jewelry begins. With the help of Eddie’s expertise, clients will select the precious metal and an ethically sourced diamond or gem stone. Then, the personalized masterpiece of jewelry which relate to the person who will wear it is created.

Why choose us

At White Box Jewelers, we are confident that our services will satisfy the objectives of each client and meet the strict criteria that each client anticipates during this process. We believe that every piece of customized jewelry has to tell a story, yet the story does not need to be elaborate, in fact it is often the simplest thing that means the most.

Eddie is very proud to have been associated with a very well-established jewelry company in the U.S. market where it was a privilege to learn the skills and the trade standard of the jewelry business from a family rooted company.

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